The Habitation Bioche, a small corner of paradise…

To 2 km from the village of Saint-Louis, on the road Sources and hiking trails "14 detours and Siblet", not far from the first beaches and the turquoise waters of white sand, you will find the Habitation Bioche.

The property located at heart of a small hill in a well ventilated picturesque and green with a panoramic view includes 3 wooden bungalows fashionable Creole, focused due west to the beautiful sunsets on Guadeloupe and the Saintes is ideal for spend a dream holiday.

Closed to houses a pool of fresh water to refresh and relax. A space idleness arranged around the pool with deck chairs, tables and umbrellas, barbecue and small carbet. You can also wander and dream in his tropical garden.

Two apartments with individual pool and Villa Elisha have been added to the complex, for your enjoyment.

During your stay, the staff of Housing Bioche is at your disposal to make your stay a perfect success.

Marie-Galante, Blessed…

Located in the heart of the arc Caribbean, Marie-Galante is a perfect destination for a dream holiday.

Marie-Galante, with an area of 158 sq km is the largest dependencies of Guadeloupe. It is inhabited by about 12 000 inhabitants. throughout the campaign and on coastal villages 3: Grand-Bourg, St. Louis and Capesterre. It offers visitors a different vision of the West. This is rather a nature and cultural tourism which is its wealth and its originality. These beaches are so beautiful it is good to relax on the sand in the light blue, shimmering face the waves. The climate is pleasant throughout the year. With a temperature between 25 degrees and 30 degrees, the island of Marie-Galante enjoys a tropical climate.

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